I had an interesting conversation with my husband this morning. He told me about his visit to a local businessman who’d been burned by the son of a friend he’d hired. He decided to hire the young man even after the father warned that his son was addicted to meth and is very good at manipulating people. Now the businessman has decided he’ll never hire another ex-con or addict.

If only this family or the businessman had known that Seeds of Hope specializes in helping families and friends in this type of situation. Of course, there’s no guarantee the young man would have been successful with our help, but I wish we’d had a chance to try.

Obviously, we have much work to do. We must do a better job of letting people know what we have to offer, by reaching out to businesses, family members, professionals, and those in or recently released from jail or prison. Our new website and online mentor training will help us do that, but we still need more feet on the street, more well-trained volunteer mentors and more community partners. Please keep these needs and Seeds of Hope in your prayers. To borrow a phrase from my favorite Pastor, God bless you all REAL GOOD!