The Need

Current statistics show that Kansas is on the right track with their Mentoring 4 Success Program.  National recidivism rates are at 48% while Kansas is at 20% this is largely due to the Mentoring 4 Success Program started in Kansas Prisons about 3 years ago.  There are currently 4000 former prison inmates that are released and working with a community member.  Kansas prisons currently have a average daily population of over 10,000 inmates.  Those individuals with criminal history or addiction problems often when returning to their communities arrive with fewer resources and bigger problems than when they left. Most struggle to find jobs, housing, or a safe, healthy support system.

Our Purpose

Seeds of Hope helps individuals struggling to get back on track by offering free support through our MRT Community based program.  This is a cognitivie-based program to help individuals to take responsiblity for their actions and learn to live a more productive lifestyle.  We partner with many organizations but have a strong partnership with Catholic Charities allowing us to find addtional resources to help the clientele we serve.

Our History

In 2003, the Gideon’s recruited volunteers to visit inmates at the Finney County Jail in Garden City, Kansas. Seeds of Hope was formed in 2007 to fill the need for a full-time ministry presence in the jail. In 2010, we received a large Federal grant to work on re-entry with this money we were able to implement some standardized training programs for our volunteers and to get the MRT program started.  Though we no longer have this federal grant we have been able to keep the program moving forward with funding from local donations, foundations and community groups.  We continue to expand our funding, services and support for our clients and volunteers in an effort to truly transform lives.

Thank You

We are glad that you are interested in Seeds of Hope! Find out more about our programs and services, learn about ways you can volunteer with or donate to our organization, or contact us with any questions.