MRT in the Finney County Jail

In January 2017, we started having MRT Class in the Finney County Jail on Thursdays from 2 to 3.  We have worked with the Jail Administration to determine who is eligible to attend the program.  As we end our first year in the jail, we feel that we have seen a large success with this program.  It has helped us to connect to those incarcerated individuals prior to them being released from jail and build a relationship so they no where they can come when released.  Though every individual does not take advantage of services when released we have had several that have.  Some have went on to pr

MRT Thanksgiving Meal

We provide some type of meal to our participants every week when they attend our MRT Program.  This tends to bring the group together in more of a community type setting.  We chose to provide a Thanksgiving Meal the week before Thanksgiving and we had a great turn out and great food.  Participants came early and helped to cook the meal as well as providing some of the food.  We also invited our board and mentors to attend.  It was a very successful event.

Western Kansas Community Foundation 2018

Seeds of Hope was blessed with a $2,000 grant from WKCF to help fund our Moral Reconation Therapy Program (MRT).  

United Way

Seeds of Hope is a proud partner of the Finney County United Way.

What we can do if we all work together

Don was referred through the Emmaus House.  He was homeless and unemployed he was staying with friends here and there and then eventually in the back of an old truck bed trailer with an aluminum topper. Since being referred he has taken the Work for Success class and is currently in the MRT program he has been able to find employment and was accepted into Catholic Charities homeless grant program so he now has a residence of his own.

Western Kansas Community Foundation

Seeds of Hope received a grant award from Western Kansas Community Foundation to help promote our mentor training across Southwest Kansas.  Our first venture will be to complete a regional training in a partnership with Mentoring 4 Success.  Watch for more information as dates become available.

Seeds of Hope and United Way

In 2014, Seeds of Hope became one of the four new United Way agencies in Finney County.  We have remained a partner of United Way and their support has been invaluable to our agency. 

Finnup Foundation Funds MRT for a Second Year

MRT is held every Thursday at 4:30 at the Catholic Charities office located at 603 N. 8th, Garden City. Anyone is welcome to attend.  Both the clientele we serve as well as many of our mentors attend this weekly session.

MRT is recognized nationally as a highly effective cognitive-behavioral program. It was created to help individuals who have experienced repeated incarceration or addiction treatment episodes after earlier rehabilitation efforts proved to be insufficient. MRT helps participants develop higher levels of honesty, responsibility, and moral reasoning.

Mentoring-4-Success Comes to Garden City

Seeds of Hope recently partnered with the Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC) to offer the first Mentoring–4–Success training in Garden City on August 19–20. Mentoring–4–Success is a statewide initiative that partners trained mentors with prisoners during the six months before and after their release. See the Events section for information about the next Mentoring–4–Success training.

Seeds of Hope success story featured in local news

Read the story of James Brown, a Seeds of Hope SCRIMP Program participant who was recently featured in The Garden City Telegram!

You can find the full story, including a video, here.