Don was referred through the Emmaus House.  He was homeless and unemployed he was staying with friends here and there and then eventually in the back of an old truck bed trailer with an aluminum topper. Since being referred he has taken the Work for Success class and is currently in the MRT program he has been able to find employment and was accepted into Catholic Charities homeless grant program so he now has a residence of his own. Don said that he has learned from MRT that everything good and bad in his life has one common denominator which is him and the choices he has made.  He has learned a lot about himself during this process. It has been a valuable resources in helping him stay on the right track.  He has went through a lot of changes over the last 5 years and had not had a residence of his own since 2010 finding employment was a huge stumbling block which caused him to be a burden on his friends and family now that he is employed and has a place to live he feels really good about himself and wants to stay on the right path for success.  Don stated "I thank God that I came across Seeds of Hope and Catholic Charities when I did they really came through and helped me when I needed a helping hand up".