My middle child, Adam, was one of those kids who was always saying things that made me laugh. Many of those funny phrases stuck in my consciousness and still make me smile whenever they come to mind. One of them came about while looking for a solution to one of the daily dilemmas four-year-olds often find themselves in. His face suddenly lit up as he announced, "Hey, I gotta' big idea!"

My son's youthful enthusiasm made most problems seem smaller. The impulsive desire to charge in and tackle the problem without a second thought could at times be a blessing, but as he grew older he learned to process his big ideas, and even subject them to the scrutiny of scientific research. His curiosity and optimism will, no doubt, benefit many, but his adult reasoning ability will most likely be a more important factor in his long-term success.

Any ministry grapples with the issue of faith vs. common sense. Scripture leads us to listen to and respond to promptings of the spirit, but it also cautions us to subject our "big ideas" to common sense and adult reasoning, lest we fail and bring humiliation upon ourselves and our ministry. So what's the answer? Follow your heart, or use your head?

One thing's for sure. Nothing ever comes of a big idea that's not shared. Mull it over, subject it to reasoning, but don't keep it to yourself. Don't charge ahead without subjecting the idea to prayer and adult reasoning. Allow family, friends, coworkers and neighbors to help you see it from other perspectives. There's no telling what God can accomplish if we put aside fears and selfish ambition in favor of being a member of His team; Sharing what He gives us always brings Him glory.

May our BIG GOD bless you and your BIG ideas. Don't hesitate to share them.


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