For those who want to have a positive impact on their community, volunteering is the perfect opportunity!  There are different ways you can volunteer in the Seeds of Hope Jail Ministry.  We have mentors that attend our weekly MRT Program and work with the participants one on one.  We also have volunteers that serve on our Board which meets bi-monthly.  

The people we work with are truly in need of someone to share God’s love and hope with them. By acting as mentors to those in prison, our volunteers give mentees a vision for a safer, healthier, happier life. They help mentees become better citizens, and thereby make our communities safer, greater places to live.

Working with Seeds of Hope benefits the volunteers as well. By building meaningful relationships with our participants, our volunteers learn more about the criminal justice system, local resources and services, and community and faith-based organizations, and gain a broader awareness and understanding of the social problems mentees face. They gain personal growth and satisfaction from knowing they are making a change in the lives of those they serve.

We have many opportunities for those interested in volunteering, some of which include:

  • Leading a Bible study in the Finney County Jail or at your church. Our goal is to have at least one two-person team leading Bible studies for both men and women in the Finney County Jail each day. Web-based volunteer training is available.
  • Assisting participants with job searches or GED completion.
  • Providing employment opportunities for those returning from jail or prison. Information about government bonding and tax credit programs for employers is available.
  • Helping to provide direction, organization and planning for Seeds of Hope by being on our Board, working on a committee, or offering your professional expertise on an as-needed basis.
  • Volunteering in the Jail library to keep books rotated and organized.
  • Praying that those who are caught in the cycle of crime, addiction or recidivism will be receptive to God’s transforming love; that God will provide workers to help show His love to these individuals; and that God will provide resources needed for this ministry.
  • Donating items, such as Bibles, inspirational or motivational magazines and paperback books, etc. (More information about the kinds of items we are looking for is available on our Donate page.)

All of our volunteers receive comprehensive training to ensure a safe, productive experience. A portion of our training materials are available on our Volunteer & Mentor Training page.

If you are interested in volunteering with Seeds of Hope, please contact Marci Smith at (620) 260-7846, or sending an email to You can also fill out and submit our online volunteer application.